Join the Shack fam!

We say this because Shake Shack is a culture of learning, where each team member is
in control of their own growth as long as they put in the effort.
As they bring themselves up, they also foster the growth of others. First they learn,
then they grow, and then they teach and lead others!

Benefits & Perks


Shake Shack pays above the minimum wage for both full-time and part-time employees and offers a structured path for how you can make more.

Leave Benefits

All employees will be automatically upgraded to a 21 days of annual leave based on 5 completed years of employment.

MOVIN’ on up!

The Shacksperience road map develops team members into team leaders, and team leaders into managers and up.

Employee Referral Program

All employees that refer a full time candidates will be rewarded with a referral bonus of $500 based on new hire completed 6 months of employment.

Insurance Scheme

We insured all our employees in general insurance scheme required by Law.

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